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Strategies for retailers in 2015
by Laura Lee

*Excerpt from Focus Malaysia, Edition 09 Jan

Developers, retailers and entrepreneurs are constantly reminded that location plays a significant role in their game plan; but they cannot ignore strategies such as branding that will help their projects, stores, products and services to stand out not just in their own country but globally.

Thinkscape Group brand strategist Kian Ong believes one should always start with the total clarity of what one’s brand is.

Speaking on “Is your store a brand destination?” at the recent Future Stores Asia 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Ong called on the audience, made up mainly of retailers, to consider being brand magnets.

He says they can achieve this by unlocking the potential of their brand and by being meaningful to the customers, adding “the more meaningful your brand is seen to be, the more likely people will pay a premium”.

Besides asking themselves, “What does my brand stand for and why is it here?”, retailers must know how their brands can feel in practice. In this respect, they need to move from a set of brand ideas to actual, real-world experiences.


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